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Lua Beaulieu Lua Beaulieu


Lua Beaulieu
Introducing Volume 03 of Cou Cou Talks;  a series of multidisciplinary conversations on philosophy, literature, art, culture, theory and perspective-shifting ideas. Artist, model and Cou Cou girl, Lua Beaulieu talks on love, bell hooks, the artistic process & belonging.
Where are you from?

I’m from and live in Brooklyn.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on building my practice! Expanding to a bigger and better studio space with a couple of  solid creative friends. I’m hoping more space will allow for more experimentation, growth, and confidence! I’m working on confidence! 

What do you dream of?

When I sleep–
Mystical alternate realities
Sometimes I’ll have a week of nightmares 

When I daydream–
My love
The world's suffering
The children! My children and all children that we must love, protect, and hold
More knowledge 

What inspires you?

At this moment I'm feeling very inspired by female boxers, from professionals to friends who are just starting. It’s special to watch people learn new things and activate their bodies! Also I just taught a kids art class for the first time, those girls are incredible, shout out to LES Girls Club <3

What are you passionate about?

Boxing! It’s the first sport I've ever committed to.

What’s a struggle you have overcome (and how)?

Self motivation is something I repeatedly struggle with. With lack of confidence comes lack of motivation, and that will paralyze me. It's the frustration that comes with sitting in a state of halt that will finally push me to do what I want, and sometimes that takes months. The will to do things eventually overcomes and almost by force of nature I overcome these mental blocks every time. 

What do you love?

Oh so many things! I'm a lover 
I love sunlight on my face when it's just starting to get cold
I love walking in parks and looking at all the dogs, I just love dogs
I love when all my friends are together. Even better when all my friends and family are in the same room! That's special
I love listening to stories
I love dancing

What does it feel like to belong?

Belonging  feels warm, invigorating, a boost of self confidence, appreciation for people around you for the people that love you! Belonging allows for selflessness, community and love to flourish 

Family is...


My Cou Cou Talks Piece is...

All About Love by bell hooks.

For me it's a book worth reading and rereading. She really changed my perspective on relationships, romantic, platonic, familial, to the self and to society. When I first read it, it really felt like a guide book of how to maneuver with love, how to be analytical about love. 

Love is as love does, and it is our responsibility to give children love. When we love children we acknowledge by our every action that they are not property, that they have rights–that we respect and uphold their rights. Without justice there can be no love.”

― bell hooks

Who’s an artist you’re inspired by? 

A friend of mine just introduced me to Charline Von Heyl who has been a major inspiration to my recent works! And also my friend Lotte Anderson, she just had a show in New York City and it was the first time in a long time where I was truly inspired by one of my peers.

The creative process for me is... 

A studio rhythm, observation, experimentation, failure and expanding my metaphorical tool box.

Favorite art period and why? 

Abstract expressionism. I like the playfulness,  color, the mass amounts of material used or lack thereof. You can argue this period in art history has never really ended, just transformed over several decades. 

Favorite medium? 


What’s a piece of art that shifted your perspective and why? 

There are a couple artists that I was made aware of in college that really made me think “wow I can do that?” Giorgio Morandi was the first still life painter that made me realize the beauty of simplicity. At the time I was very new to painting and came from a conventional background. I was interested in painting architectural facades and didn't know how to until seeing his work. 

Next is Keltie Ferris, who I had the great pleasure of meeting and graced me with a studio visit. She was the first female abstract painter that blew my mind. Seeing her work changed my ideas and direction within my own practice. She's a boss.

Sounds I love…
  • MM – Marisa Monte 
  • Dangerously in Love – Beyonce
  • Purple Rain – Prince
  • India – Gal Costa
  • Os Tincoãs – Os Tincoãs
Favorite album?

New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) – Erykah Badu

the cami slip
White | Pointelle
the thong
White | Pointelle
the long cami
White | Pointelle
the cozy brief
White | Pointelle
the midi slip
Black | Pointelle
the tanga
Black | Pointelle